Audio Samples

Listen to Martina’s compositions:

Abney Chapel – Six Pieces‘: Martina Schwarz and cellist Christopher Allan perform five pieces by Martina Schwarz and a Bach Sarabande in support of Abney Park Trust. The organisation has been struggling to raise funds for the beautiful Abney Park Cemetery and its historic buildings during lockdown. Listen (and donate) here.


Gramophone‘ composed for The Red Cabbage Cafe theatre production (1996)


Gritz‘ composed for The Red Cabbage Cafe theatre production (1996)


The Old One‘ composed for The Red Cabbage Cafe theatre production (1996)


‘Rapid Eye Movements’ 1st prize at National Accordion Composers Competition 2009


Sweet Trouble (1st prize in the National Accordion Organisation’s 2006 Composer’s Competition)

Martina’s compositions can also be found on Soundcloud

A selection of videos featuring Martina’s compositions:

‘Big Data Sing’ at the Transformative Technologies Festival


‘L’eau de l’eau’ WaterAid 2017


Martina @ the Courtauld Gallery


Konspirantinnen (Conspirators) 88 mins 2006. Polish Heroines in Resistance 1939-1945. A film by Paul Meyer  – Music by Martina Schwarz

“A cinematic documentary about the survivors of a women’s camp based in North Germany in which the Germans put a number of Polish women who took part in the Warsaw Uprising. Interviews with various survivors who talk about their lives and experiences in the camp and live in exile after liberation as many did not want to return to a Poland that now had a Soviet-style regime.” – BFI    Buy on Amazon UK