Music in Health Settings

badgeMartina has a lot of expertise in entertaining and animating audiences of all ages. She plays and sings in care homes as well as in hospital wards. She loves the challenge of finding the right musical response to the often demanding situations she is confronted with. During lockdown she tried to reach those who were isolated by producing pre-recorded musical programmes. All in person performances take place with strict adherence to all Covid-19 health and safety guidance.

Arts in Health
Martina on an ‘Arts in Health’ tour in Jersey

Drawing on her experience of working with companies and organisations that share the aim of bringing the arts into unusual settings, especially health settings, Martina has developed a large repertoire for all ages, playing in hospital wards, nursing homes, sheltered housing and day centres, enabling her to reach out to people with her performance.

St Georges Hospital Tooting 2012
Panto season at St Georges Hospital Tooting

According to the musical taste of her hosts she will play her accordion or ukulele, sing and animate her audience to join in with singing, clapping, gentle movement and dancing according to their ability. Each performance in these unique situations is a “happening”, often unlocking memories and emotions, apart from being a welcome change of the daily routine. For Martina it’s a very rewarding experience. Her repertoire is very varied, including a lot of music from around the world and from different eras, addressing her audience’s individual cultural background.

Below: all visits/ tours enabled  and organised by Music in Hospitals

A young enthusiastic dancer at Cambridge Uni Hospital
Music in Health Settings
Tea dance at a care home in Jersey
Performing for patients at Coventry University Hospital

Martina is currently delivering many dance & music in health sessions in collaboration with Green Candle Dance Company all over London as well as the online class “Remember to Dance”, see below a documentary about the dance company’s important work on BBC Health check news.

‘Remember to Dance’ on BBC Health Check